All thought is immoral.
Its very essence is destruction.
If you think of anything, you kill it.
Nothing survives being thought of.

As the history of spiritual seeking shows, we insist on the impossible proposition of having our cake and eating it too. We demand the version of waking up that lets us stay asleep but, of course, there’s no such thing. Not surprisingly, Maya has launched a flotilla of false teachers to take advantage of this weakness in us. They sell us a potion that makes us dream we’re awake, and we employ doublethink — or zerothink or heart-think — to make it all work. That’s what religion and spirituality really do, but all forms of busyness — parenting, career, success, achievement, addiction, wealth, power, poverty, etc — perform the same function; distraction. The key to not thinking and not seeing is a combination of not having room in your schedule and staying adequately intoxicated.

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