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Flow & Obstruction

(audio available for paid subscribers) Progress on the path of awakening is entirely a matter of removing obstructions and restoring free flow. Waking in or

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Benevolent Demon

(audio available for paid subscribers) Before we can be right, we must stop being wrong. That’s another way of saying that on the journey of

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The Gum In Our Eyes

(audio available for paid subscribers) Perception and perspective are critical factors in the process of awakening. Opening your eyes and increasing your elevation are conjoined

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Spiritual Disclaimer (free)

This Spiritual Disclaimer appears as the prologue ofSpiritual Enlightenment: The Damnedest Thing,book one of the Enlightenment Trilogy. Wisefool Press Notice is hereby given: By continuing

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  (audio available for paid subscribers) I am distinctly uncomfortable in human society. I don’t have a tolerance for misalignment and don’t wish to develop

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Reality Check

(audio available for paid subscribers) Life is meaningless, nothing you do matters and you’re going to die. (Too bad, so sad; go stick your head

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Phantom Numbers

(audio available for paid subscribers) If you insist on bottom-up thinking – struggling up the spiritual down-escalator for years and decades before finally, hopefully, maybe

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The Hook-Up Imperative

(audio available for paid subscribers) Whatever you hold back will hold you back. That’s the basic operating principle of the failed search for truth, which

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