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The Good News Grift

(audio available for paid subscribers) I sometimes hear nondual realization being referred to as “the good news”, as in, Fred heard the good news from

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Reasonable Doubt Redux

(audio available for paid subscribers) When boiled down to essence, there are only two conceptual frameworks within which to understand your existence; belief and knowledge.

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Phantom Numbers

(audio available for paid subscribers) If you insist on bottom-up thinking – struggling up the spiritual down-escalator for years and decades before finally, hopefully, maybe

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Deus Deceptor

(audio available for paid subscribers) In the first of his 1641 Meditations on First Philosophy, Descartes imagines that a malevolent God or an evil demon

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There Can Be Only One

(audio available for paid subscribers) Ralph Waldo Emerson makes the point that some people are materialists and some are materialists and idealists, but no one

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What Is Nonduality?

(audio available for paid subscribers) Nonduality is the coolest thing in this or any other universe, so why hide its light under a bushel? Nonduality

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Red Flags

(audio available for paid subscribers) A tragedy is that moment where the herocomes face to face with his true identity. Aristotle Unlike any and every

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Trustless Systems

(Audio available for paid subscribers.) A trustless system is, as you might suppose, any system in which no trust is required to perform what would

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Mindless Beliefism

(audio version available for paid subscribers) Nonduality is not a belief system. Belief doesn’t even enter into it. What should you believe? Why believe anything?

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