Books by Jed McKenna

     Jed is the author of three trilogies:

  • The Enlightenment Trilogy
    • Spiritual Enlightenment: The Damnedest Thing
    • Spiritually Incorrect Enlightenment
    • Spiritual Warfare
  • The Dreamstate Trilogy
    • Jed McKenna’s Theory of Everything:
      The Enlightened Perspective
    • Play: A Play by Jed McKenna
    • Dreamstate: A Conspiracy Theory
  • The JedTalks Trilogy
    • JedTalks 1: Essays, Teachings, Rants & Frivolous Frivolity
    • JedTalks 2: Away from the Things of Man
    • JedTalks 3: The Tao of the Large-Breasted Goddess with
      the Shapely Behind

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