Is Everything A Hoax?

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Is everything a hoax? Short answer, yes. Long answer as follows.

In the dreamstate, everything is definitely and definitively a hoax. Asking what’s true in your dreamstate is like asking what’s solid in your dreams. There’s no true reality, so we’re always experiencing a false reality, like a movie or a TV show or a dream. You’re not watching a gunfight at high noon or an alien-infested spaceship or lovers entwined in sudsy bathtime fun, you’re watching the play of shadow and light on a big white screen, no different than the wall of Plato’s cave. If you’re watching SCI: Burbank, you’re not seeing a crime being solved or even actors pretending to solve a crime, you’re seeing tiny dots of light on a small screen. When you’re dreaming at night, nothing in your dream is more or less true than anything else in your dream; it’s all knowably and reliably false. (Should anyone wish to assert otherwise, they’ll be asked to provide proof. Not evidence or belief or opinion – proof.)

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"We imagine that waking-life is real and that
dream-life is unreal, but there doesn’t seem
to be any evidence for this belief."

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