The Great Equalizer

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The stale cadaver blocks up the passage,
the burial waits no longer.

Thinking isn’t really that hard, you just kind of do it, right? What’s the big deal? Anyone can think. You couldn’t get through the day if you couldn’t. How would you know how to dress, when to eat, what to do at work or school, when to go home? You possess and wield the amazing power of discrimination which is how you know which way to vote and not to pick your nose in public. If you couldn’t think, how would you know how to tie your tie or wind your watch? You can do all this and a whole lot more because you can think, and you do so almost constantly. You are a thinking machine.

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"My words itch at your ears till you understand them."

Walt Whitman was a pioneering American poet, essayist, and journalist of the 19th century. Known as the “father of free verse,” Whitman revolutionized poetry with his unconventional style and celebration of the individual and nature. His seminal work, “Leaves of Grass,” explores themes of democracy, love, and the human body. Whitman’s bold, expansive voice continues to influence American literature and culture.

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