People I Trust to Lie

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Of course it wasn't funny; it was tragic.
That's why I had to laugh. 

One of the little conveniences of adult life is the ability to confidently navigate the more tedious levels of the dreamstate without undue expenditure of time or energy. I haven’t made a science of this particular method I’m going to share, and there are times when it either seems not to work or I don’t trust it enough or I don’t read the tea leaves right, but it makes a handy and dependable little compass. It might not work for everyone, but it might work for you. It ties in with simplicity and solitude and dreamstate magic, which may not be where you are right now, but it’s where you’re heading. Loosely speaking, I’d say that if you believe that government, banks, religion, healthcare et al work for you and have your best interests at heart, then this might not be the navigational aid for you, but then, if you believe them, you don’t need any help; just follow the herd and do as you’re told.

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"Thou art God," Mike repeated serenely. "That which groks. Anne is God. I am God. The happy grass are God, Jill groks in beauty always. Jill is God. All shaping and making and creating together— ."
He croaked something in Martian and smiled.

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