The Great Disruptor

The fool’s standpoint is that all social institutions are games. He sees the whole world as game-playing. That's why, when people take their games seriously and take on stern and pious expressions, the fool gets the giggles, because he knows that it’s all a game.

If you were to ask me why I’m not a big fan of my fellow man, the first half of my response would be that I am not one of you. The second and more important half, which I would whisper in your ear, is that you are not one of you either. 

My personal approach to dealing with people is simple. If you have something I want, then you are of interest to me until I get what I want or stop wanting it. If you don’t have anything I want, my feelings about you will be neutral/indifferent. Nobody has anything I want except the occasional human ATM, food-service desire-manifester, or grocery store out-processing engineer. It’s not personal. I don’t avoid anyone in particular, just everyone in general. That probably sounds creepy or crappy, but how do you deal with people who don’t have anything you want? Why deal with them at all? I’m a pretty nice guy, I just don’t enjoy dealing with people unless there’s a point. And I suck at small talk.

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