There are some people who live in a dream world,
and there are some who face reality;
and then there are those who turn one into the other.

The paranormal is just the normal that is not yet understood. Science, for all that can be said in its favor, is just as herdbound and rut-stuck as anyone else, and just as egoically defensive about protecting its turf and denying its weakness as any artificial structure. So, when someone who I know is well-developed in the integrated state tells me some really weird shit, my normally raging bullshit detectors don’t make a peep. For one thing, adults are trans-egoic. They still have egos in the same way they still have a body, in the same way you have a house and a car, but they are unattached to it so it does not soak up their emotional energy or shape their thoughts. When they speak about their private realms of exploration and discovery, it is with authority and credibility that can’t be faked.

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