Off the Beaten Path

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If the path before you is clear,
you're probably on someone else's.

No path is your friend, no-path is your friend. What a difference a hyphen makes. A well-worn path is always the work of Maya and takes you right where she wants you to go. To begin your real journey means getting off her path and slashing your own. It may seem like you’re on an outbound path taking you into a new, unexplored country, but if you’re not fighting for every step, you’re on someone else’s path, and that someone else is ultimately Maya. You believe you’re making your big breakout because that’s what Warden Maya wants you to believe as you waste your time and energy tunneling from one cell to another. That’s what you want to believe as well. That’s what everyone wants to believe — that we’re getting somewhere while going nowhere — and that’s why the search for the one thing that can never be lost is mankind’s greatest failure, and why prisoners don’t escape from a jail without locks.

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Truth is a pathless land, and you cannot
approach it by any path whatsoever, by
any religion, by any sect.

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