Marichelle 07

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If your bathtub is full of terrible dirty water it
might be hard to clean, or you can just pull out
the plug and it cleans itself, which is how it’s
supposed to work. Why make things hard?
You already have enough to worry about.

Don’t worry about everything, just worry about the next thing, then everything else is for later, or maybe never. Most things take care of themself. I would agree with myself on that.

This is just another thing you think you know but you don’t really know. Thinking is good for some things and not for other things. Here is where a lot of thinking doesn’t really help. Sometimes it can make things worse.

Don’t try to control everything too much, it’s not as much of your business as you think. You think you are in charge of everything, like your destiny or your future or whatever, but try to just hold one thing in your hands at a time. That’s pretty good advice.

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