Jerry, Chuck & Joe

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Jeremiah, maybe you best go down to a town,
get outta these mountains.

I’ve been to a town, Del. 

Try to picture sigma male Jeremiah Johnson being taken out of the mountains and inserted into the modern bureaucratic nightmare for a month; sitting, waiting, taking a number, smiling, making nice, providing samples and documents, trapped for endless hours in diabolical voicemail systems designed to break the will and crush the spirit, getting bounced around and referred and transferred, decrypting coverage, debating deductibles and co-pays, scratching the thin veneer of human politeness to reveal the pitiless corporate machinery beneath, being subjected to on-hold music and waiting-room TV, suffering the slings and arrows of minor indignities and petty injustices, reshaped to fit the pipes through which he’s being pushed and pulled and, in the end, submitting to this banal horror because at some point all he’ll want is to come out the other end and get away from the whole anti-human shitshow.

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Lapp: You've come far, pilgrim.
Johnson: Feels like far.
Lapp: Were it worth the trouble?
Johnson: What trouble?

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