Game of Veils

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This idea that people have to love and understand
each other is absurd. It's not human nature.

The dreamstate is a multi-layered deception in which the surface reality is a false narrative overlaying a less-false layer which overlays a less-false layer, and so on. This is Maya’s game of veils and in the dreamstate, you see it wherever you look because nothing is ever as it seems, especially in human affairs. Individuals may be somewhat honest or sincere individually, but large groups, organizations, corporations, and governments, as a rule, never are. They invariably project a false image, while behind their mask lurks their truer face, which is but another mask. Any fear-based human or corporate entity is ultimately monstrous.

Everything in the dreamstate is a sham. Everyone is always trying to convince you or sway you or sell you. This is where spin doctors and PR professionals and image consultants flourish; erecting and maintaining facades, manipulating appearances, creating the illusion that things are other than they are; that big pharma has your best interests at heart, that government works for you, that your vote counts, that education is about something other than warehousing and indoctrination, that healthcare is about something other than disease monetization.

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