Game of Nonduality

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There is no God higher than truth.

We seek diversion and distraction and, most importantly for those of us who like to think we’re on a path, we seek to create the illusion of motion without the prohibitive cost of moving; like painting your cell instead of escaping from prison. If this is what we (secretly) want, the spiritual marketplace is well-equipped to meet our needs, by design. If you’re a fan of Buddhism or Christianity or Hinduism or any non-nondual traditions and systems, you can go crazy — or maintain your precarious sanity — with all the empty carbs, all the fluff and bloating and hollow pageantry, but with regard to nondual realization and its extrapolation, excess fat is not an issue. In its uncontaminated or pre-contaminated state, there’s not an ounce to spare. There’s no ceremony or ritual, no flowery talk, no practice or technique, no hierarchy, not even teachers or teaching. It’s not a realization or an insight or an epiphany. There’s nothing to believe, nothing to learn, nothing to understand. It’s entirely a process of purification by fire; a burning away of false layers until all that remains is that which doesn’t burn. 

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