Cocreative Dreamstate

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The world you perceive is made of consciousness;
what you call matter is consciousness itself.

The most important thing you can understand about your dreamstate reality is that you are it and it is you. (Neither you nor dreamstate actually exist, but why split hairs?) This realization follows naturally from the understanding of awareness vs appearance. You are, in truth, awareness, and everything else, from your innermost thoughts and feelings to your outermost times and places — largest to smallest, nearest to farthest, and everything in-between — is appearance. Appearance is not just what you find when you zoom all the way in, but when you zoom all the way out. A tree, a car, a cat, the moon and the stars, science and religion, is just as much you as your innermost sense of selfhood. As Krishna unfolds for Arjuna, “You must learn to see with the same eye a mound of earth and a heap of gold, a cow and a sage, a dog and the man who eats the dog.” Ponder thereon, not only to understand the truth of it, but also to understand that anyone that tells you otherwise is talking out their ass. 

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