Bouncy Castle

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One amusing way to know there’s no such thing as free will is that you can’t be wrong. (You probably can’t sneeze with your eyes open or lick your elbow either, but with a little practice, who knows?) If you’re free, you’re free to be wrong, but you can never be wrong so you can never be free. Fun, right? You are not free to be wrong. No matter what you do or how hard you try or what a colossal fuck-up you may be, you are not and can not be wrong; it’s simply not, in truth, possible. You can be evil, commit crimes, start wars, steal candy from babies, whistle in public and chew with your mouth open, but whatever you do, you can never be wrong. (If you chew with your mouth open you might get stuck in the leg with a fork, and rightly so, but technically you’re not wrong. Similarly, public whistlers aren’t wrong, just as those who push them in front of trains aren’t wrong.) 

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