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Beware of false knowledge; it is
more dangerous than ignorance.

The simple fact is that most student questions are ignorant and most teachers who encourage them are shameless, pandering lickspittles. (I mean that in the best possible sense, of course.) The difference is that students are supposed to be ignorant but teachers aren’t supposed to lick spit. Of course, spiritual teachers aren’t really shameless because they don’t know the true nature of the role they’re playing or who they’re really working for, and they’re not really lickspittles, that’s just a superfun word I don’t get to use much. They are panderers, however, as is anyone who wants to be wanted. You have to reshape yourself to the desires of your desired audience. The alternative is to be yourself and let an authentic audience develop organically, or not.

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He that by me spreads a wider breast than
my own proves the width of my own,
He most honors my style who learns
under it to destroy the teacher.

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