Your Diamond Core

No other way is like yours.
All other ways deceive and tempt you.
You must fulfill the way that is in you.

When you die out of juvenile delusion, you are born into the greater adult playspace of your cocreative universe where you can explore, expand and express your unique core pattern. 

That unique pattern — your diamond core — is the only thing that sets you apart and makes you original and unique in this endless herd. Everything else is just affectation and adornment. Wealth, power, beauty, character, morality, opinions, and beliefs don’t define you any more than color defines a car. All that superficial shit can be ripped away like a nose ring in a bar fight, but your diamond core is deep down where no one can get to it except, maybe, you. It’s way down inside, buried beneath a lifetime’s accumulation of emotional rubbish and debris, and that’s what you have to remove to reveal it.

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