Wrong-Ass Mountain

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Revisit your assumptions. That might not sound like the most important piece of advice anyone could ever give or receive, but after decades of trying to communicate across this invisible chasm I have concluded that it really, really is. Revisit and challenge your assumptions with extreme prejudice before anything else or there’s no point in anything else. The one who has awakened has revisited their assumptions, and the one who has not, has not.

The first step in revisiting assumptions is figuring out what those assumptions are, and that might not be the walk in the park it sounds like. Assumptions run deep, they’re foundational, they are who we are. People don’t change and this is why. The only change available to us is through the process of death and rebirth. It’s a lot easier to just settle in and go with the flow.

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"Why look for conspiracy when
stupidity can explain so much?"

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