This Is Not a Simulation

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Few people have the imagination for reality.

Is it possible that this crazy little thing we call reality is just a simulation? Actually, no. The word simulation implies an original, but what if there isn’t one? What if it’s all copies all the way down; no original, just next and previous generations? Is it possible that no-reality is true reality? That reality doesn’t really exist? That’s where full and rigorous inquiry must begin; not blindly accepting the glaringly obvious, but challenging even the safest-seeming assumptions. If you want to build a worldview on the foundation of reality, you must first prove that reality exists, and even though it’s the most obvious thing in the world, you must still do the math and show your work. Skipping this step might be good enough for science and religion and the common rabble, but not for serious inquiry. We can bypass this step by calling it consensus reality and apparent reality, but that just means we quit before we begin. Until someone comes along and proves reality really does exist, we remain secure in our nondual understanding that it knowably doesn’t.

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