The Parable of the River

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It was a lie, and the more I saw of them,
the more I hated lies.

We can understand the path to awakening as a journey upriver, out of the mass of men and their lives of quiet desperation and into the heart of darkness where everything comes into perfect clarity, like a diamond bullet to the forehead. I’ve made the journey — or so I say and you seem to believe — and now, like the guide on a sightseeing tour, I’m sharing some points of interest; where bunnies dance and where tigers lurk, where the waves break just right and where arrows rain from the sky, where you can catch a tan and where your once-human heart burns to a crisp. Ultimately, you may complete your mission and kill the Buddha, but only if the Buddha allows it, almost as if you were not sent but summoned. 

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"And then I realized... like I was shot... like I was shot
with a diamond bullet right through my forehead."

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