The Ganzfeld Analog

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It is hard to be finite upon an infinite subject,
and all subjects are infinite.

However we reckon the source or genesis of the dreamstate — even if we reckon, rightly, that it can’t have a beginning or an end — it’s still just appearance, and as soon as you start thinking about it, you start destroying it. Your pointy little brain starts popping balloons in search of solid anything, only to find more and more nothing. This is where heart and mind diverge. It can be hard to wrap your head around nothing when all you’ve ever known is something. We believe in something — the dream we call reality — totally and effortlessly, but you and I both know, thanks to the paradigm-busting revelation of the nondual insight, that it’s a lie. So, do you go with your mighty heart, towards which everything is unfairly skewed, or do you go with your little pipsqueak of a brain which has nothing in its corner but scrawny-ass reason?

To me, the answer is clear, and when you recall that the search for the only thing that can never be lost is the greatest failure in the history of man, maybe it will become clear to you too. The unvetted belief that the world as we see it is the world as it is is the critical assumption we need to revisit; that’s the key that unlocks everything. Transfer primary control from heart to mind and it all starts to make sense, as you’ve already seen with the nondual insight. 

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