The Enemy Within

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Recently, I was listening to one of the most popular and respected experts in the spirituality/nonduality space disclosing to an audience the one thing that all forms of nonduality, going back to the beginning, have in common. The expert paused before the big reveal and my mind naturally stepped in to fill the gap; what’s the only thing all forms of nonduality must have in common? Not-two, right? Kind of just dangling out there in the open, right? The one thing all forms of nonduality and advaita have in common is not-two. Pretty obvious and obviously true. What else could it possibly be, high-fructose corn syrup? But instead of providing the one and only possible answer, this popular and respected asstalker revealed that the one thing all forms of nonduality, going back thousands of years, had in common was, wait for it

Peace, love and happiness.

I shit thee not.

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The devil doesn't come dressed in a red cape
and pointy horns. He comes as everything
you've ever wished for.

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