The Curse of the Brainy Class

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I learned long ago, and have confirmed it many times since, that intelligent people are the dumbest people there are. I don’t know if it’s some organic anomaly or institutional brainwashing or some combination of Mayan influences that render our best thinkers incapable of courageous, original thought, but I do know they seldom think outside their pre-assigned boxes, which means they seldom think at all. I’m sure there are exceptions I haven’t taken note of, but I have made a casual multi-decade study and have found myself invariably embarrassed on behalf of brainy folk who lack the sense to be embarrassed for themselves. A superlative mind and a questioning mind are two very different things with a lot less overlap than we less-endowed folk might suppose.

Or maybe they’re right about everything. Maybe Genesis and the Big Bang and duality are true and everything is just as it seems and there’s really nothing to think about, and maybe I’m just emotionally over-compensating for being intellectually inferior. That would suck.

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"The caterpillar does all the work,
but the butterfly gets all the publicity."

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