Shiny Baubles

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Shiny baubles, 
In my mind,
Make me happy,
Make me feel fine.

I am a strict nondual fundamentalist. I never set out to be, but that’s what drawing a hard line between knowledge and belief makes you. I never set out to be a nondualist at all, I found out later that it was the best word for what I had become. I have nothing in the way of book learning or teacher learning, meaning that my thoughts on the subjects of awakening in and from the dreamstate are not corrupted, contaminated, diluted or otherwise distorted.

Below are eight things I don’t understand because they don’t stand up to scrutiny. It’s not that I don’t see them but that I do see they’re not really there; emperor’s new clothes stuff. These are a few of the flowery trappings that pull us off the path and keep us from resuming the journey, shiny baubles that redirect our focus from waking up to going back to sleep.

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