Self-Anointed Gurus

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Don't believe anything you read on the net.
Except this. Well, including this, I suppose.

I am not a spiritual teacher or a guru, I’m just someone who knows something about something some people want to know something about. I share what I know through writing because that’s how I’m wired; to express arcane knowledge cogently. Maybe I’d do the writing part even if I didn’t do the sharing part because writing isn’t just my platform, it’s my vehicle. I don’t have one of those big-ass brains that just figure stuff out by pondering. I have to write everything out to make sure it makes sense. Or doesn’t.

My status in the spiritual hierarchy is a matter of no interest to me. I’m not affiliated with any group or organization. If the Ecumenical Council on World Religions contacted me tomorrow to make me their Supreme Muckety-Muck and confer upon me their highest honors, I wouldn’t take their call. (I would, however, accept any cash award they offered. Old truck needs a new tranny.) 

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