Razor Redux

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In The Razor’s Edge, protagonist Larry Darrell became so ass-over-teakettle enlightened that he had to dedicate the rest of his life to fixing cabs and driving trucks. Notice any disconnect? Yeah, me too. I would never presume to impugn anyone else’s authentic pattern or function, but Larry is a fictional or semi-fictional character brought to us by a herd-embedded writer, so let’s go ahead and presume. 

No one belongs in a pattern or performing a function not their own, and just because we all do it as juveniles doesn’t make it less unnatural. We can question our source, author W. Somerset Maugham, because no real Larry, awake in or from the dreamstate, would have gone on to live in conflict with his own natural pattern and function. Human adults can do a lot of things, but not that.

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The question "Who am I?" is not really meant to
get an answer but to dissolve the questioner.

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