Radical Nonduality

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Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.

The first thing to be said about radical nonduality is that there’s no such thing as radical nonduality, and that would be the only thing to say about it if there wasn’t so much other stuff being said about it, especially by those who should know better. Saying radical nonduality is like saying radical beheading; cutting someone’s head off is already pretty radical, no need to overstate the obvious. There’s no non-radical nonduality, there’s only regular nonduality which is, by its very nature, radical. If it’s not radical, it’s not nonduality. Maybe there’s a play-at-home edition where you can only risk one or two marbles instead of all the marbles, but as soon as you de-radicalize nonduality by holding even one marble back, it becomes just another evasive maneuver like everything else in the spiritual marketplace. As it is now, faux nonduality is so widely adopted and embraced that we’re supposed to pretend that the fake is real and the real is radical. Still, it’s probably for the best that there’s a natural vetting process in place to weed out the trippers and tourists.

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