Not-Two vs All-Is-One

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If you compare what nonduality really means to what many nondualists/neo-advaitins have been finessed into believing it means — owing largely to the influence of Maya’s ragtag army of unwitting gaslighters and misinfo peddlers — you’ll find an expected similarity, and yet, a world of difference. The truth of nonduality is Not-Two. The watered-down, child-friendly, presto-change-o version is All-Is-One. So close, yet so far. See the difference? It’s like night and day. It’s like the difference between materialism and idealism. In fact, that’s exactly what it is.

This is what Maya’s army of nonduality teachers has accomplished, a minor tweak that inverts, subverts and perverts meaning. On paper, the difference is barely perceptible, but in practice it’s the difference between making a great journey and remaining in the half-light of the sewer-dungeon, between waging the battle of your life and muttering a meaningless mantra, between death-rebirth and living death. That’s Maya’s handiwork. Never bet against her until you’re ready to go all in. 

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"There is no God higher than truth."

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