Can infinity have parts? What is meant by parts of infinity? If you reason it out, you will find that it is impossible. Infinity cannot be divided, it always remains infinite. If it could be divided, each part would be infinite. And there cannot be two infinites.

Moksha means liberation. Liberation from what? Liberation from Maya’s Palace of Illusion, from delusion, from the dreamstate. And, by the same token, liberation from the illusion of selfhood. 

Advaita Vedanta teaches us that Atman-Brahman is the state of final realization, but when you cut Maya out of the picture, you cut yourself out as well, so the Atman can be dropped, leaving only Brahman, which is all there ever was or will be; featureless awareness. Atman would be a feature of awareness, but anything more than Brahman is Maya, including Atman. I have expressed Atman-Brahman as “I Am/Consciousness”, but that’s a dreamstate convention. In truth, there is no Atman. There is no I.

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