Heaven & Reincarnation

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As anyone who passed Nonduality 101 can tell you, reincarnation is not possible because time does not, in truth, exist, etcetera. But what we discover on day one of the 200 level course, besides the fact that the 100 level wasn’t the whole story, is that the reincarnation repudiation is based on a poorly worded question. The correctly worded question is, Is there life outside the dreamstate?, and the answer is knowably no. The better question is, Is there afterlife in the dreamstate?, and the answer is yeah-sure-fine-whatever-kinda-maybe, i.e., why not? The assumption that life ends at death is the dirty rotten double-dealer in all this. No one knows how far the dreamstate goes or where it ends. Why would it end? Maybe death is a hard stop, maybe it’s just the entrance to another part of the park. 

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“The meaning of life is that it ends.”

John Milton (1608-1674) was an English poet and intellectual. He’s best known for his epic poem “Paradise Lost.” Milton also wrote influential prose works on politics and religion. His writing championed free speech and republican ideals. Despite going blind, he continued to write, dictating his later works. Milton’s legacy profoundly impacted English literature.

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