Head on Fire

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The difference between regular folk and enlightened folk is that when a regular person’s head catches on fire, they get all frantic and hysterical and sucked into the drama of the moment, whereas we – the enlightened elite – take the whole head-on-fire thing in stride. It’s just what appears to be happening in the eternal now, we know, not like it’s real or anything. We watch in haughty disdain as the unenlightened run around with buckets of water and fire extinguishers, with salves and ointments and unguents, with ambulances and morphine and reconstructive surgeries, all because they don’t understand that this is it, there is only this, and this is all there is. Or, as one nondual luminary put it, “This is this.” In truth, nothing is really happening, it’s all just what appears in the now, so even when your head is on fire, all you can do is laugh.

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Abandon false ideas, that is all.
There is no need of true ideas.
There aren't any.

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