Crime & Punishment

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Any fool can make a rule,
and any fool will mind it.

Rules are meant to be broken. They say you can’t rob banks or kill people, but that’s not true. You could probably go out and rob a bank and kill some people in the next forty-five minutes if you hurry. Do whatever you want is the real rule; rob a bank, run over an old lady, spray paint a subway car, jaywalk, desecrate a grave, run a red light, fish without a license, congregate without a permit, shoplift, shoot up a mall, hijack a jet, swim outside the designated area. In fact, you can even swim within an hour after eating if you want to live dangerously. 

Do as thou wilt is the whole of the law. This clumsy half-truth is brought to us by somebody-wannabe Aleister Crowley. Do as thou wilt is not the whole of the law but half, the other half being that the law will then do as it wilt with you. Them’s the real rules.

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