Autotoxemia: A Rant

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Whatever games are played with us, we must
play no games with ourselves, but deal in
our privacy with the last honesty and truth.

(Rants like this one tend to be long and loose. Don’t take any of this too seriously or dismiss it too lightly. I’m just having some fun and encouraging you to look for yourself. Do some media watching, people watching and ministry watching and see what you think. My perspective on society is mostly from the outside looking in, so from your standpoint I may be too extreme – or not extreme enough.)  

Just as it is my view that all of mankind’s perceived ills stem from arrested development and can be cured by re-enlivening natural processes that have been unnaturally curtailed, so is it my opinion that most of our physical woes stem from a single source, namely, autotoxemia. Obesity, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, immune deficiency, just whatever crappy crap you care to name, mostly, to my delightfully simple mind, stemming from self-poisoning. And the great cure everyone’s looking for? Stop poisoning yourself. Pretty simple, right? (There are other causes, of course. As my cardiac surgeon – and the fact that I even have a cardiac surgeon – tells me, you can’t outrun genetics.)

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