An Eyelid’s Thickness

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Who are they fooling, all these spiritual teachers and gurus? They are recognized as experts on vision not because they see but because the blind have declared them so. They are the blind leaders of the blind masses, the chosen seers of a sightless electorate, judged worthy by those least qualified to judge. They paint stars and moons on their dunce caps and proclaim themselves wizards, and those who can’t tell the difference fall under their spell. However, step one in fooling others is fooling yourself, and they all seem to be drinking their own Kool-Aid. I doubt there’s an overt huckster in the bunch; they all seem just as deluded as those they delude. So, who do you think really appointed these rut-bound plodders as our trailguides? Go ask Maya, I think she’ll know.

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"A boat is safe in the harbor,
but this is not the purpose of a boat."

George Bernard Shaw: Irish playwright, critic, and social reformer. Nobel laureate in Literature. Known for witty, satirical works like “Pygmalion” and “Saint Joan.” Advocated for socialism, women’s rights, and social equality. His plays often challenged societal norms and sparked intellectual discourse. Influential figure in 20th-century theater and political thought.

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