The Ten Ox-Herding Pictures (free)

The First Ox-Herding Picture
“Searching for the Ox”

This first picture sets the stage for a journey of self-discovery in a world where enlightenment seems as distant as the days before the fall. The Seeker’s quest is timeless, transcending the physical devastation around him, as he searches for the Ox amidst the ruins of his own making.

The Second Ox-Herding Picture
“Finding the Tracks”

The Seeker begins to see the fruits of his efforts. The tracks of the Ox serve as a metaphor for the initial insights and realizations that come to those who persist in their search for truth. The post-apocalyptic setting highlights the difficulty of the journey, yet also underscores the resilience and determination required to uncover the deeper layers of understanding amidst the ruins.

The Third Ox-Herding Picture
“Seeing the Ox”

The Seeker achieves a significant milestone in his quest. The sight of the Ox provides a powerful vision of what he is striving for – a state of enlightenment and inner harmony. The post-apocalyptic setting emphasizes the contrast between the desolation of the world and the beauty of the discovered truth, highlighting the resilience required to find and embrace such moments of clarity.

The Fourth Ox-Herding Picture
“Catching the Ox”

The Seeker’s journey reaches a critical juncture. The act of catching the Ox symbolizes the challenging process of taming one’s inner wildness and achieving a sense of control and discipline. The post-apocalyptic setting underscores the difficulty and the transformative potential of this endeavor, portraying the Seeker’s struggle as both a physical and spiritual battle amidst a world striving for balance and renewal.

The Fifth Ox-Herding Picture
“Taming the Ox”

The Seeker’s journey takes a significant step forward. The taming of the Ox symbolizes the process of achieving inner harmony and balance. The nightmare landscape enhances this narrative, showcasing the potential for renewal and integration even amidst the remnants of a broken world. The Seeker’s progress is marked by a growing understanding and cooperation with the Ox, reflecting the deeper truths of the journey of awakening.

The Sixth Ox-Herding Picture
“Riding the Ox Home”

The Seeker’s journey progresses towards a fulfilling culmination. Riding the Ox home represents a deep union and harmony achieved through the quest for enlightenment. Ruin and decay underscores the potential for renewal and balance, portraying a world where the lessons of the past lead to a harmonious and hopeful future.

The Seventh Ox-Herding Picture
“The Ox Transcended”

The Seeker experiences a profound shift. The transcendence of the Ox signifies the realization that enlightenment is beyond physical forms and symbols. The shattered world, now ethereal and unified, illustrates the journey from fragmentation to wholeness, marking a significant milestone in the Seeker’s quest for true understanding and inner peace.

The Eighth Ox-Herding Picture
“Both Ox and Self Transcended”

The Seeker’s journey reaches a point of profound transcendence. The blending of nature and the remnants of a fractured world illustrates the ultimate harmony and unity that arises from enlightenment. The Seeker’s transcendence signifies the dissolution of all boundaries and the realization of the true, boundless nature of existence.

The Ninth Ox-Herding Picture
“Returning to the Source”

The Seeker’s journey culminates in a profound realization of cosmic unity and integration. The blending of celestial imagery with remnants of a ravaged wasteland illustrates the transcendence of earthly boundaries and the embrace of universal interconnectedness. The Seeker stands as a beacon of peace and understanding, embodying the essence of enlightenment and the harmonious integration of all existence.

The Tenth Ox-Herding Picture
“Embracing the World”

In this tenth and final picture, the Seeker’s journey comes full circle as he returns to the vibrant cityscape, now transformed by his enlightenment. Embodying wisdom, compassion, and harmony, he engages with the world, offering guidance and understanding to those around him. The vibrant cityscape serves as a backdrop to illustrate the Seeker’s integration of dualities and his role in fostering unity and renewal in a world that embraces both past lessons and future possibilities.


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